Monday, November 8, 2010

And I-I-I-EEEE-I-I-I WILL ALWAYS LOVE **scream**!!!!!

This video both kills me and creeps me out every time I watch it. This whole scene reminds me of middle school friends and trying to prove you can do something pretty amazing, which you probably can, but all of a sudden you get nervous. Now add the rest of the world to the list of those you're proving yourself to. Secondly, kids cursing is still a little creepy to me, moreso shocking.

BUT THIS IS SOME SERIOUS HILARITIES!! WHY does she make those faces?? If she really "feels" WILL she be able to sing it? At about the 0:54 mark, I'm reminded of a line from '30 Rock': (Jack's assistant to Liz Lemon) Jack doesn't have time to spend on your unfixable problems, like your mouth. It's like someone punched a hole in a bag of flour.

Now maybe you won't be able to watch this video the same way ever again. She really does have a good voice, can carry a tune, and definitely keep our attention. ENJOY!

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