Friday, July 18, 2008


If you're like me (and I know I am) , you are a middle of the road TV anglophile. And, being a bit of a TV anglophile you have caught some british shows, liked some, hated some, and loved some to the point where you want to tell all of your friends about it. But no one really listens to you. So they've never seen the original OFFICE, they don't call the BIONIC WOMAN, "ZOE" or know that SANFORD AND SON was a remake of a british show. Then things like COUPLING happen and all you can do is wince in pain and say those words that you know will drive people crazy... "You know, the original british show was better-". Hey, you like to give credit where credit is due.
Ok, I am alone in this. But now, to the point.
Life On Mars, a pretty good british show that I did not catch the entire run of. Great if you like cop shows - great if your a sci-fi fan... and it's being remade for US audiences (like the OFFICE... and ugh COUPLING) Yes, another American remake of a good brit show is on the horizon and I am going to give it a chance. This one being chosen for a remake, surprised me in that it was a very "english" show. I mean, it's about a brit cop that goes back to the 70's. But it's 70's ENGLAND which is a bit different than the US. The title of the show even refers to the old DAVID BOWIE song from that period which was probably a bigger hit there than here, and is featured over and over again in the shows soundtrack. (no I didn't get sick of it 'cause they threw it on at the right times) Well I guess you just do the more familiar US take on the '70's and you're good to go. But what I noticed is that the commercial did not have the BOWIE song in it. It did have a different 70's song that may be a bit more familiar... I'll have to come across the commercial again. It should be good. (maybe too much like the cop that lives forever show)... I'm just going to wait and see...
hey wait a minute who's in the US remake?
Jason O'mara... (IRISH) Colm Meany...(IRISH) Rachelle LefévreR... (canadian) wait are they going to do a show overseas? Irish version for the US... or like the cop that won't die will they all be playing americans... (yeah that dude is a brit too- he was in BAND OF BROTHERS with a flawless american accent... and hmmm, just like that cat from HOUSE who used to be in BLACKADDER - but I digress)
holy ----- I'm going to watch this stupid show...even if it's just for Colm Meany ! Why is there a cast of IRISH dudes playing LA cops? Boston cops maybe...  <>

After the news of a US remake of the BBC hit, LIFE ON MARS, I decided to find the old series and watch the entire run ( I realized that I had only seen 3 episodes) . I did, and It kicks ass... (up until the end) That would be obsession #1.
My next obsession is tracking down the music featured in the show. There you have obsession #2.
One stand out so far is -EVERYBODY GETS TO THE MOON - by the THREE DEGREES... and that is the third obsession at this moment.

This is what I get for not watching all of the classic films that I'm 'sposta. If I had seen this I would already have known that this scene from THE FRENCH CONNECTION is the one that they mirror in LIFE ON MARS when GENE and SAM go in to investigate the gambling club. They use this same song as a tribute to this movie as well.

And here is a taste of the series.. put together by a fellow fan and posted on YOUTUBE

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